• This paper studies the effects of foam on the transmission and reflection of microwave signals for radar instruments used in level measurement. A test scenario consisting of a periodic two-dimensional wet […]

  • This paper describes the use of WEBENCH Coil Designer for generating wireless power transfer PCB inductors for low and medium power portable systems without the need of complex calculations or complex layout design.

  • The paper analyses the power quality in power substations from residential and educational buildings (campus university). Measurements were performed in two days, one in a weekday, and one in a weekend, to […]

  • Frequency and magnitude evaluation are two of the main signal analysis tasks in the electrical power systems. This paper presents a simple and robust algorithm which enables an accurate estimation of the harmonic […]

  • Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics (ELI- NP), to become operational in 2019, is a new Research Center built in Romania that will use extreme electromagnetic fields for nuclear physics research. ELI-NP […]

  • Power engineering is facing major changes – some of them are captured by the smart grids newly adopted paradigm, while others are perceived as external impact of technological evolution in the traditional topics, […]

  • The HolderCPS system presented in this paper falls into the category of recording systems created for the proactive maintenance of rotary bladed machines. Based on an innovative architecture, the Holder-type […]

  • This paper presents and overview home blood pressure monitoring and telemonitoring facilities embedded by the new smartphone application that accept automated date uploads from blood pressure devices, may offer a […]

  • The paper presents a set of remote, unobtrusive sensing technologies that can be used in upper and lower limbs rehabilitation monitoring. The advantages of using sensors based on microwave Doppler radar or […]

  • It is generally understood that in a (digital) measuring system, attention must be paid to the criterion usually identified with the name Nyquist. The paper shows that there is no such a priori requirement. The […]

  • The paper describes a new algorithm for speed and position estimation for Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor. The estimator is implemented in a vector controlled system for motion control of a super-high […]

  • In this paper we propose a new method for the detection and evaluation of exudates in retinal images. In the learning phase we focus on selecting efficient features that can uniquely identify the exudates. In this […]

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